Seed money

A-LAB has over k€40 in “seed money” available annually to stimulate and strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration within the institute. This can include making a first start with a joint research project, organizing an interdisciplinary meeting, activities leading to joint publications and network building. Some examples of grants awarded are: co-funding of a joint PhD project of NSCR and RCH, contract extension of two junior researchers on joint research projects, conference participation resulting in a joint publication and conference participation and research stay for the benefit of a new interdisciplinary collaboration with a foreign researcher. A-LAB researchers are cordially invited to submit an application for a contribution.

This can be done by filling out this formulier.

Applications can be submitted to Anniek van der Schuijt, E:

The deadlines each year are (subject to change):

  • 1 March
  • 1 June
  • 1 September
  • 1 December

As a fellow of A-LAB, you will also be kept informed of new grant rounds through the newsletter.

The information below is important when filling out the form.


The aim of A-LAB seed money fund is to stimulate the start-up of or otherwise facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research collaborations between NSCR-RCH-SBE-FGB-FSW that have the potential to lead to more sustainable collaborations. Fundable applications are, for example, proposals to make a preliminary start with a research project, to organise a seminar or workshop, a visiting scholarship at another university in the Netherlands or abroad, or an (extension of) employment to write a research proposal.

Budget and deadlines

Typical applications are for relatively small amounts, up to € 5000, often matched by the applicants from other sources, for activities for which alternative funding is impossible or hard to find. The yearly A-LAB seed money budget is about € 40.000. Individual applications should aim for a budget of maximum € 5.000. Applications with a budget exceeding € 5.000 will still be considered, but will be subjected to a more critical test and the award will stronger depend on the available budget left. Four application rounds are in place for each year: 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 December.

Application and decision procedure

To apply, please fill in the form below (language: Dutch or English). Please submit the form by sending it through email to Anniek van der Schuijt: Researchers can apply and get funding multiple times, although researchers that apply for the first time will have preference. The application will be discussed by the A-LAB management team based on the following criteria: the scope of the project/ level of collaboration, the extent to which other parties contribute, the value of the initiative in the light of the goals of A-LAB. In case an MT member is involved in an application, it will be discussed without that MT member present. The decision of funding will be communicated to the applicant(s) 2 weeks after the submission deadline at the latest.